• Phone : +91 8392913330
  • Opening Time : 8:30am-2:30pm
  • Address : Khatima, U.S. Nagar, Uttarakhand

About Alakshya Public School

Alakshya Public School was established on 20 December, 2002. It is an English-medium co-educational day school, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. Located in Khatima, amidst the pollution free environs of picturesque Kumaon hills, it provides a conducive environment for pursuit of excellence. Since the inception of Alakshya, it has been achieving new milestones in its journey to provide education to the young generation of Khatima.

Alakshya has well developed infrastructure with visionary superstructure to enrich the life of its students. The school provides a wide, varied and incredible resources to the students in order to achieve all round development in every aspect of life. It imparts immeasurable values to the students who are in its rolls. The curriculum followed at all levels is flexible and enables the new trends in education to take root in the existing system. This helps in keeping pace with the rapidly changing educational scenario.

Aims & Objectives

Alakshya aims at a harmonious development of the personality of students by placing equal emphasis on the intellectual, social and physical development. We firmly believe the views of Swami Vivekananda:

“We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet.”

Schooling at Alakshya Public School starts at the age of five plus. The junior section of the school emphasizes on a stress-free education. The thrust is more on the development of core of the students. The objective is to inculcate intellectual capabilities, discipline and self-learning among the students.

The medium of instruction is English, Hindi and Sanskrit are the other languages taught. Core subjects include Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), EVS, Social Studies (History, Civics, Geography), Economics and Disaster Management), Computer Science and Physical Education. Co-curricular activities include Art and Craft, Music and Dance, Value Education and General Knowledge and Games & Sports. Classroom teaching is student centric and we believe in encouraging learing by inquiry, and through experience. It is complemented by multimedia teaching aids and field visits.


Affiliation No- 3530187

  • Status of Affiliation:- Provisional
  • Affiliated to- Central Board of Secondary Educaion, New Delhi
  • Affiliation with the Board: Since 01 April 2006
  • Affiliation upto: 31 March 2022

NOC: from State

  • NOC No: XX/V-2/2004
  • NOC Issuing Date: 24 June 2004

Our Spiritual Guru

Our Management

Mr. Mohan Giri Goswami


Mr. Vinod Bora


Mr. Kaushal Tiwari


Mr. B.C. Joshi

Academic Mentor

Our Teachers

1 Mr. D D Rana PRINCIPAL     TRAINED    
2 Mr Vinay Nagarkoti PET TRAINED    
3 Mr Kalyan Singh Bisht PGT TRAINED    
4 Mr Vinod Chand PGT TRAINED    
5 Ms Deepa Bisht PGT TRAINED    
6 Mr Sachin Kumar PGT TRAINED    
7 Ms Saraswati PGT TRAINED    
8 Mr. Arun Joshi PGT TRAINED    
9 Mr Kausal Tiwari PGT TRAINED    
10 Mr.Gautam Singh TGT TRAINED    
11 Mr Hemant Pujari PGT TRAINED    
12 Ms Tara Soloman TGT TRAINED    
13 Ms Anupama Gaudiya TGT TRAINED    
14 Ms Meenakshi kapri TGT TRAINED    
15 Ms Bhawana Chand PGT TRAINED    
16 Mr L M Kapri TGT TRAINED    
17 Mr D. C .Chilkoti TGT TRAINED    
18 Ms Hema Bhandari TGT TRAINED    
19 Mr Ganesh Tiwari TGT TRAINED    
20 Ms Rohini Bisht TGT TRAINED    
21 Ms Sangeeta Bisht TGT TRAINED    
22 Mrs Seema Bhatt PRT TRAINED    
23 Ms Tanuja Gahtori PRT TRAINED    
24 Ms Ranjana Devi TGT TRAINED    
25 Ms Babli Bisht PRT TRAINED    
26 Mr Dheeraj Singh PRT TRAINED    
27 Ms Deepa Pokhariya PRT TRAINED    
28 Ms Nisha Chand PRT TRAINED    
29 Ms Gunjan Bhatt PRT TRAINED    
30 Ms Pushpa Bhatt PRT/Lib TRAINED    
31 Ms Meena Waldiya PRT TRAINED    
32 Ms Nitendri Rana PRT TRAINED    
33 Ms Usha Chand PRT TRAINED    
34 Ms Bhawana Pokhariya PRT TRAINED    
35 Mr Omendra Gangwar PGT TRAINED    
36 Ms Monika MUSIC TRAINED    
37 Ms Seeta Rajput PRT TRAINED    
38 Ms Kiran Kothari PRT TRAINED    
39 Ms Meena Chaudhary PRT TRAINED    
40 Ms Harkesh Chand PRT TRAINED    
41 Ms Neetu Singh PRT TRAINED    

Mr Sandeep Kushwaha